Para todos los que quieran analizar su PC sin necesidad de instalar nada prueben esta herramienta que esta de lujo!

La nueva versión de Panda Antivirus Command Line Scanner ya salió.


Ejecútalo y pon una o más de estos comandos: (Descripción en Ingles) (Ej: -auto -clv -heu:3 -aex)
-auto (Scan without user intervention.)
-nob (Do not scan boot sectors.)
-lis (Show virus list)
-del (Delete infected files.)
-cmp (Search for viruses into compressed files.)
-clv (Disinfect the viruses found.)
-exc: (Use exclusion list)
-ext: (Use valid extension list)
-help (Show help)
-heu (Activate heuristic detection method.)
-heu: (Activate heuristic detection method with level (1-3).)
-onlype (Use only PE Heuristic during analysis)
-nbr (Does not allow interrupting the program with Ctrl-C.)
-nomalw (Do not detect Malware)
-nojoke (Do not detect Jokes)
-nodial (Do not detect Dialers)
-nohackt (Do not detect Hacking Tools)
-nospyw (Do not detect Spyware)
-nof (Do not analyze files)
-nocookies (Do not detect Tracking Cookies.)
-nor (Do not generate result files.)
-noscr (Do not output to console.)
-nos (Deactivate sounds.)
-nsub (Do not scan nested subdirectories.)
-path (Scan the directories specified in the path environment variable.)
-sig: (Alternate location for signature files)
-ren (Rename infected files.)
-rto (Restore original name for renamed files)
-rpt: (Report file)
-save (Saves the parameters to a file for its use the next time it is run.)
-esp (Change language to SPANISH.)
-eng (Change language to ENGLISH.)
-aex (Scan all files, independently of their extension.)
-info (Show configuration status information.)
-no2 (Do not perform the second action)
-loc (Analyze local drives)
-all (Analyze all drives)

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