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[MOD] Ticket overdue with holiday and Weekends exclude {osticket 1.6 ST}

In your mysql db add 2 fields in ost_config weekend tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No holydays varchar(255) utf8_general_ci No In include\staff\ find:

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allow multiple managers for a dept osTicket 1.6 (Stable)

This add a checkbox “manager” option in the staff account permissions section.

By | February 8th, 2012|Categories: $WebDevelopment;|681 Comments

Incluir ruta de directorio BIN de MYSQL manulamente Windows

Es un problema cuando instalas el MYSQL y te olvidas de dar click en “Include BIN Directory in PATH”. Normalmente cuando te pasa esto lo que se hace o lo que recomiendan es reinstalar el MYSQL y si ya tenias cosas corriendo las tenias que rehacerlas desde un backup o volver a hacerlas. Bueno aca les traigo la solución manual para evitar la reinstalación.

By | August 31st, 2011|Categories: $WebDevelopment;, iT|686 Comments

Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat for OSTicket!

Hi, i think this mod will improve your support area. I found this chat here and added it to my ticket system. Screenshots:

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